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Nov 06

Growing Pains

By michaelmaidens | Personal Growth , Thoughts

Growing Pains Not the type that you get when you are young, the type you feel when you are older. I love seeing people break their own beliefs and see the world in a different light. Finally breaking free and tasting that feeling of opportunity, that belief, that much much more is possible. Much more […]

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Aug 14

Thank You Ocean

By michaelmaidens | Blog , Personal Growth

Heart problems at 24. Back when I was 24 I was suffering from stress induced angina. My heart was in physical pain and it was sore, tingly and the aching grew whenever I thought about ‘work’. I felt trapped. It was one of my first full time jobs and I remember feeling like I was […]

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Oct 14

Daily Needs

By michaelmaidens | Blog , Personal Growth

From personal experience and observations only… Every day we need to care for our mental and physical health. Every day you must treat your mind with respect and fuel it with positivity. Dream big dreams. Spend time in nature. Appreciate the earth. Become fascinated with the size of the night sky. Spend time with people […]

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