… or are you too busy?

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Dec 17

“… or are you too busy?”

These 5 simple words have just recently shifted my outlook.

They were said to me by my 7 year old daughter Eboney while sitting on the couch. She was leaning on me, hugging my arm while I was typing with my head in work mode. “Can you read me a book or are you too busy?”

Minutes before she said this I remember feeling like I was ‘bluffing’ my conversation with her.

She was asking about outer space, asking about could an asteroid hit the earth and break it in half, talking about her day and telling me about her books. My responses were really just prompting her to keep talking to buy myself time while I was reading emails. Was it an ‘important’ email? Well thats a relative question. I don’t read rubbish and in fact I know it would have been a super interesting educational email.

However, whatever I was learning was it more important than what I was missing out on. Potentially my best teacher was not the sender of the email. My best teacher could be the person hugging my arm patiently waiting for my attention.

So where was my mind? It wasn’t with me sitting on the couch with Eboney. It was somewhere but it was not here.

Being present. As an entrepreneur our mind loves to live in other places. We live in the future, we live in dreams and visions. We can see, smell and feel things as reality long before they materialise.

I wonder sometimes, can we become addicted to these other worlds and our excitement to make them real disconnects us from the present moment.

The weird things is that our entrepreneurial list only gets longer, our ideas bigger and our opportunities more exciting. Things to learn are available everywhere. Do we need them all? Maybe… maybe not.

When you enter an upward success spiral the outcomes of decisions amplify exponentially and therefore a greater impact both in the positive and the negative… Every ‘yes’ decision has an equal and opposite ‘no’. By saying ‘yes’ to reading an email, what am I also saying ’no’ to?

Family is magical and I have been watching my 3 children look older (and my wife younger 🙂 ) every day. Their faces are changing, their characters are evolving and time is becoming more and more precious. Many friends of mine with older children remind me to enjoy these times while they are young, time flies, soon they become too busy to choose to spend time with us, etc, etc.

Is this scenario simply a delayed mirror? Are we creating our reflected future? We are their role models for life, they mimic our behaviour for survival but also mimic our core values.

The future is created firstly by a vision, then a process to execute.

Back in October in my mastermind meeting I said to the group I wanted to become more present. This means moments of conscious time where my mind is not in the future or in the past. It is in the present.

Back in September after coming home from rafting the Grand Canyon I decided I had to add adventure into every week with the family.

Thanks Eboney for the reminder and the honest open unfiltered honestly that we only get from children’s mouths! The best teachers!

What an amazing gift to be able to give. The gift of your physical company, your time, on an adventure and being 100% present.

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